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Yogadance Therapy™ is an art based on the application of yoga principles in dance; relaxation of effort, stability and comfort are combined in a movement-oriented sequence of postural patterns (asanas) and movements.

Which technique is Used in a Yogadance Therapy™ class? The training is based on a complete yoga class with some theory, extensive practice and the application in dance.  This new method works with three main different kind of practices: Yoga, dance and philosophy and at the same time can be applied to three different dance techniques: Ballet, Indian classical dance and contemporary dance.

The structure of the technique classes consists of a sequence of exercises which build upon each other carefully preparing and guiding the dancer towards an inner exploration of the organic impulses of the body.

The coordination of arms, legs and torso will harmonize with music, especially selected for its effects on the body-mind connections.

It aims to create body-mind awareness and explore patterns for therapeutic choreography; restoring balance and health; promoting spiritual growth; and introducing the concept of meditation in action in the art of dance; creating a new philosophy of performance, to transform and transmit energy through kinesthetic expressions of wellness.

YDT™ is a contemporary art form that uses ancient tools and scientific methods to create new forms and aesthetic experiences. It explores philosophical concepts to create mindfulness and awareness of the sensations and emotions.

The final result will be an organic, powerful approach to movement which will take the dancer in a journey through pathways leading from the body, through the mind and heart soul of dance. This travel, this journey will require mindfulness, patience, trust and desire to travel inward.



                    Yoga and Ballet - Regular Classes 2015



YOGA BALLET starting on February 

Open Class training Programme for Dancers

From: February 3rd till end of March 31st

3 days a week 


Time: 9:30am to 11:30am  Yoga-Ballet multi-level class



3200Rps/ (12 classes a month) Yoga Ballet


3000Rps/ (12 classes a month) Only Yoga


2600Rps/ (8 classes a month) two classes a week, yoga or ballet


400Rps/ (price per drop in class)




Where ? Venue: GATI Studio, S-17 Khirki Extension,

Opposite Select Citywalk, New Delhi - 110017



Call +91 9971406113
email us at gatidance@gmail.com


To receive more information on other workshops and retreats please contact us:

                  Ph. 91 9873830008 please sms your email ID




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