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Soraya Franco is a yogini, artist, yoga and dance master, choreographer, researcher, philosopher, traveler, soul adventurer, universal pilgrim, explorer of world cultures and a dance performer.

She has been dancing professionally for over twenty years and is also an accomplished ballet teacher, choreographer and has participated as a soloist in many international dance festivals in India, Paris and Dominican Republic.

In 1995, she was selected for “Artists without borders” Unesco International award to study Indian classical dance in India, since then she has established her practice and teachings in the integration of Yoga and dance. As a free lance artist and independent scholar and combining her knowledge and research on the movement analysis with her experience in diverse bodywork techniques; she created the technique: “Yogadance Therapy™”.

Nowadays she lives in India where she pursues her spiritual path practicing Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga and travels the world to work as dance artist, Yoga&dance teacher and Spa consultant; her spiritual awakening directed her away from dancing for entertainment to dancing for devotion, healing, non violence and peace.

“My research applies insights from philosophy, science and spiritual creativity to the practice of the art of dance and has been published in various congress and academic journals. Now my work and research focuses on the application of yoga and body-mind therapies in dance”.

“This site is just a glimpse of my work and ideas. As with all my work it is a continuum – evolving and always changing. If you want to know more about my work or myself, you can read my complete bio or check out the various entries in the website. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this site, my technique or research, do not hesitate to contact me by email. If you like the site and/or the work it presents: tell your friends, drop in at one of my classes, and come to see one of my performances or support my present research work.”


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